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Default Re: The Great "HIV" Hoax

I think this erieengineer is a real scientist and has his fact together.
As far as a cure for AIDS I can speak on this subject. my brother died from the AIDS virus. And when he was sick his boyfriend was an OB/GYN sugeon, actually graduated second from Pitt medical school, not easy to do.

So here it is...
AIDS may never be cured totally. However it might be treated like diabetes ie taking meds for the rest of your life.
When AIDS first hit my brother lived in San Francisco and lost his boyfriend (boyfriend before the doc) to this hideous disease. At first it took only a couple months from the time the patient showed symptoms to the time of death. When my brother contracted the virus he lived 7 years from symptoms to death. so they are making progress.

We did alot of discussion on the matter. We know my brother contracted AIDS on the west coast (he moved back to Pittsburgh after the big earthquake) due to the fact that his major symptom was cancer (they called it gay cancer) lymposynoma or something like that. And most east coast case symptoms were pneumonia. Best we could figure is our weather is more problematic to east coast weather conditions. We get more flu cases due to this. But it was the best guess not proven at the time.

The upside of my brother getting the cancer was Pit cancer institute did not have many cases of the cancer and my brother got into a study. if you look at the picture of the cancerous leg in the books from Pitt it is my brother leg. This got him alot of medicine and help we could not afford.

As far as conspiracy when the the Doc got AIDS and told the hospital and wanted to tell his patients that he operated on them with the virus, it was actually hidden deep in his contract that he was not aloud to tell his patients. That is a sickness in itself.
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