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Default Re: The Great "HIV" Hoax

Originally Posted by Eye-Kon View Post
The conclusion that the disease jumped species somewhere between 1890 and 1928 is just an assumption. It doesn't dis-credit my arguement of it being a synthetic disease. The disease could have been made to have mutiple strains upon its release. Also, lies can be easily made up, I honestly think the 'regulators' do what ever seems appropriate to cover their tracks such as in-accurate articles. And btw your right, I have gotten most of my info from the internet. I've seen articles about tetra-silver that regard AIDS get removed from search engines, forums etc over and over again. I can't even post anything about tetra-silver on AIDS forum about how it could possibly be a cure with out it being removed with in 5 minutes. I see this as a tell-tale sign of it being the truth. I see multiple other threads on those forums about possible cures. Internet censorship has been around since '05 btw. I also find it odd how Boyd Graves wikipedia profile was removed from the net about a year ago. Its also weird how he was found mysteriously shot in his home about a year ago, this incident was labled as a suicide, hell I'm having trouble finding that article now.
Yeah, it is an assumption, but not one without merit as you are trying so desperately assert. And resorting to special pleading of a conspiracy is silly. You yourself say you have gotten most of your info from the internet, info which is far more likely to be wildly inaccurate that anything published in a peer reviewed Journal. Spend at least a little bit of time in them before going around trying to debunk the hard science.
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