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Default Breaking News: Mossad behind Kidnappings of RUSSIAN DIPLOMATS!

Breaking News: Mossad behind Kidnappings of RUSSIAN DIPLOMATS!

New Intelligence on the Connection Between The Two U.S. Soldiers and Russian Diplomats Kidnapped in Iraq and British Intelligence

The assassination of the two U.S. soldiers in Iraq has been linked to a private contractor that employed Team 121 a.k.a. British-Israeli-Russian mercenaries. This gang, hired out by Mega-MOSSAD elements inside the Pentagon, has been directed to engage in counter-insurgency inside Iraq but have actually created terrorists in Iraq for the purpose of countering the ninety percent nationalistic resistance in the country.

It can now be reported that the kidnapping of the Russian diplomats from Baghdad ties into the kidnapping and murder of the two U.S soldiers. Both the Russian diplomats and the U.S. soldiers knew too much about Team 121 and the tie-ins between alleged terrorist Zarqawi and British MI-6 Blackwater a.k.a. Team 121.

Note: Bushfraud himself flew secretly to Iraq to personally grab documents that link Zarqawi to Team 121 Blackwater. It should also be mentioned that these two Russian diplomats were blackmailing the current Unity Government in Iraq vis a vis the role of Blackwater and the financial fraud involving the private contractors inside Iraq.

Reference current Iraq Defense Ministry which reported the U.S. soldiers death in Iraq is nothing more than a British Intelligence nest . Reference, it can now also be reported that the documents taken out of Iraq by Bushfraud included smoking gun evidence linking the training of Zarqawi to U.S. C.I.A. custodial stooge Ali Mohammed; recently released by the U.S. Justice Dept.

The U.S.A. soldiers kidnapped and murdered in Iraq were part of a secret U.S. anti-bush Intelligence team determined to get to the bottom of the foreign mercenary treason and the source for the I.E.D.s a.k.a. roadside bombs coming into Iraq for the purpose of killing Americans.

Here at Cloak and Dagger, we have already connected the dots. It is the Bosnian Defense Fund linked to Richard Perle and Douglas Feith along with Tim Spicer and Victor Bout which have direct links to the British security firm, The Olive Group, with its headquarters in Dubai U.A.E. that are responsible for the I.E.D.s in Iraq.

Tim Spicer linked to British Defense contracting company Aegis. Olive Group is nothing more than a subsidiary for Blackwater British Mi6 Blackstone along with Dubai Ports World and the Israeli MOSSAD Zim Corporation were used to transfer the I.E.D.s from U.A.E. to Bosnia. The middle men involved in the I.E.D. trafficking was Pakistani Intelligence a.k.a. the Khan Mi6 pipeline.

Reference Dubai Ports World was the noted company that Bushfraud wanted to hand the entire U.S. Ports system too. Zim Corp, a noted Israeli MOSSAD company, also tied to this treason was the firm that was warned by their sister MOSSAD firm New Jersey Urban Moving Systems to leave the WTC 30 days before the 9-11 attack. MOSSAD agent, Michael Chertoff covered this up. Chertoff, dual citizen is now head of U.S. Homeland Security.

P.S. Private British Olive Group aircraft were allowed to fly into Iraq with the I.E.D.s disguised as food subsidies. This was the same technique used in the original Daddy Bush Iraq gate scandal that was directly arming Saddam during the Reagan Administration in the 80's. Note: President Ronald Reagan of Irish ancestry survived two genuine Blackwater assassination attempts directed against him by British Intelligence and Daddy Bush. Ask the junk yard dogs or the trolls under the bridges about this.

P.P.S. The Bosnian Defense Fund is the source for the I.E.D.s in Iraq and have been also linked to Riggs Bank, Washington, D.C., a noted Bush-Clinton crime syndicate parking lot for disguised gold and oil derivatives tied to the Carlyle and Carousel Groups (Oil Trusts in Saudi Arabia). This was set up with stolen U.S. Treasury funds with tie-ins to the British and Spanish Royal families and the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Note it was King Juan Carlos of Spain that congratulated Bushfraud on his theft of the year 2000 presidential election. HOW DARE YOU YOU TYRANTS AND CONSPIRATORIAL KINGS.

P.P.P.S. Former British Home Secretary Robin Cook stated in his own words..."Al Qaeda is not a terrorist organization it is a group of CIA swindlers tied to massive arms and drug smuggling with their origin in the Mushahadeen and Bosnia."

Note did Dr. Kelly confront British P.M. Tony Dun Blaine Blair with this? The answer is yes. Dr. Kelly, also of Irish origin, is now dead.




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