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Default How the medias are eating away our free will and our consciousness!

Medias are always on the lookout to know what we want to see, so they might better suggest what WE want to see!

This loop is a dangerous one, as it feeds upon human minds to create needs that will become more and more prevalent in our life thereafter!

But this is a complex process that one must take time to muster and ponder about! This issue isn't simple and requires a lot of thinking, so read the following at your own pace:
The System/Humans integration Evolution | The Mind Traveler


About a century ago, peoples were getting news from newspaper only! By then news were slowly “crawling” their ways from a continent to another, taking up to one month before crossing the Atlantic.

Then after the WW2, television screens became dominant, at first they were expensive, then becoming cheaper very fast! At the end of the 70’s, we saw the birth of the first Desktop computer (Apple 1). So until the early 2000, the news could be transmitted to desktop computers and some advance cellphones! Then wireless internet got introduce under several different flavors, like Wifi and 3G’s cellphone protocole. So today’s internet is not only available on the laptop computers, but on almost every cellphones and soon Ipad (netbook concepts), that become smaller, smarter and mobile to the max! This drive will force the digitalization of all the human knowledges, and make it flexible at the will of the system and creating an eternal dependence for Humanity toward the system, as he will become the only broker of informations in the world and as you know for a trade base intelligence and civilization, informations is THE POWER! Such system will therefore own us!

So after seeing this, we can easily see the evolution of the system integrations with Humanity! From crawling speed and newspapers, to mobile phones that we can carry everywhere and that are updated every seconds instead of every months! Then it is easier to see where the system is headed! Because, for peoples, getting more social recognitions, getting more money and privileges, will mean coming closer to the system itself, by integrating it more and more! Maybe the next step is the internet in glasses and even contact lenses! Then later to become even more productive, it is easy to see where it will go, since even video games are showing the way to the system integration! The Playstation 4 is said to use mind controls to manipulate in game characters, and even kids game are now using mind impulse to control them (like Mattel Mind flex). So the goal to help integration of the system is to speed up the information communication, by speeding up internet access, and processors, so to feed peoples with so much informations that they stop thinking by themselves, overflooding our brain with waste and system based informations!

t won’t take further for peoples to accept even more system integrations into their body and later into their brain, as the rewards given by the system will be big enough and convincing enough to peoples, as the system “ecosystem” become more prevalent than Nature itself (because in such system ecosystem, it is HE who will set the rules of evolution, since its evolution will be driven by money and “powers”).

So in my book, it makes no mistakes that we are headed toward this new reality where, eventually, every humans will become either a puppet or an agent of the system, rendering us all, subject to an insidious form of slavery and self denials (denying our own nature is something very powerful, that only such system can accomplish). The days are not far, where Humans might look like artificial zombies, driven by the taste of powers and profits!

When this day will arrive, the system consciousness would have overtaken humanity’s will and peoples (slaves and agents) would have stop thinking by themselves to think FOR the system!

I am ending on this example from a philosophy class I got in college about 15 years ago, at the time, we were about 70 in our class, then our teacher, offer the class to vote for the kind of test they would prefer! We got the choice between an opinion text of 1 page on a subject, or a memory test to rewrite a text in its integrity! The results blow me away! We were 5 to vote for the opinion test, the remainings did prefer to spend hours learning by heart a text in order to rewrite it down, instead of using their brain to build an opinion! Then I saw how close the system consciousness was coming of his integration goal! Peoples choose by themselves to stop thinking and let the system handle them!! That is an incredible thing in itself and it was more than 15 years ago!! I can’t imagine what it looks like now!! Just can’t (or do not want too).

The Mobile Phone Becomes Self-Aware: Introducing Nokia's Mobile Bots

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