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Default Re: How the medias are eating away our free will and our consciousness!

Originally Posted by termpapers View Post
This drive will force the digital of all the human knowledge, and make it flexible at the will of the system and creating an eternal dependence for Humanity toward the system, as he will become the only broker of information in the world and as you know for a trade base intelligence and civilization, information is THE POWER! Such system will therefore own us!

Term papers
Thats indeed the goal of such system to control us! Because it is also the goal of our elite to control us, but such system goes even further than that! He will need to integrate itself into Humanity so that wherever we go he will go and to avoid us correcting our mistakes...
So we might end up looking like the borgs or like this:
What might look like 666? Or the world greatest enemy! | The Mind Traveler
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