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sablefish wrote:
sorry about the double post.. Back to subject..

"About the MK Ultra program and the relevant writings of Jon Rappoport, Cathy O'Brien, Brice Taylor and others."

I have read the reports in savethemales and other websites, and have no doubt about the evil that is in the center of our governments.. The question is how do you fight a conspiracy that is so vast and organized for centuries for the ascendancy of Lucifer...

Answer: prayers are needed from Torah believing Jews, Christians and Muslims.. They battle is spiritual.
All governments are evil.. always have been, always will be.. this was, in fact, the wisdom of 1776: since government is always evil, the goal is to keep government as small as possible. Thomas Paine addressed this in Paragraph 1, Sentence 1 of Common Sense.

Government exists in a society in direct proportion to the extent that its members cannot conduct themselves according to their better moral impulses. The less moral a society is, the more government (i.e., evil) you have..
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