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Default Re: Barabara Hartwell Part2: Barbara Hartwell

George_Bush wrote:
redrat11 wrote:
G.Bush, I actually think this B.Hartwell is authentic, and a great individual, I really don't think the poster BA is her though, I think BA most likely had similar experiences, because she/he seems to delve into the details alot.(just my 2 cent opinion.)
Sorry, bro...just don't buy it.

It's Barbara. It's Black Angel. It's BlueAngel.

You can mask flesh. You cannot mask spirit.

She good. REAL good. An excellent laboratory situation for information extration from a CIA opperative.

She will give the Symposium the information it seeks.
Yes well, BA and this B.Hartwell do seem incredibly similar, and I respect your opinion on the matter, I think a little more research on the Hartwell site is in order. We will get to the answers, with more research.
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