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Default Re: Is Daddy Bush's Illegal Financial NWO Empire Collapsing?

As much as it pains me to read your drivel and even worse to actually have to respond to it.

And even though I did say that I prefered to ignore you, your useless comments here make me have to respond. Next time you want to respond, try to actually say something you pompous arse.

By elaborate, I would like some details as how the hell he lost "trillions" of dollars. Did he lose it in an all night poker game or was it betting on the wrong horse.

Loosing amounts like that would be common knowledge and not just in conspiracy magazines. So instead of mindless inuendo, I think a few facts might be in order.

And the other part of his post about Leo Wanta, come on, lets get real.

CIA agent
Ambasador from Somalia to Canada and Switzerland
Single handedly destroyed the ruble (as if the Russians weren't capable themselves)
In control 27.5 Trilion Dollars that he wants to give to the US citizens (Do any of you know just how much 27.5 Trilion Dollars is?)
Wisconsin wants him for Tax Evassion

You have to be stonned making this stuff up. :-(

Now why don't you go back and recite poetry to yourself and leave the "adults" alone. Thats a nice troll.
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