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Default Re: FMB..Do Not Send P.Ms. Something To Say? Say It Here.

For everyone wondering what this post is about. Truebeliver asked me a question pertaining to my levels within Freemasonry.

I PM'd him the answer, in good faith.

Lined myself up for a custard pie nicely didn't I?

Also TB please stop addressing me as FMB you can call me Yeoshua, Yoshi or even Rob.

It would be very puerile for me to join in and start calling you POM or skippy or point out to everybody that gives a shit, that you're clayton's.

You're not even within cooee of winding me up. To be honest you're a bit of a Figjam and a dill, it seems like all your Kangaroos are loose in the top paddock.Why do you insist on trying to lair it up with me? It's London to a brick that you won't manage it.

And before you say POM is a derogatory term for the English, it wasn't originally, it stands for Prisoner of Mother England. You Aussies got it mixed up though and started to call the English it. Perpetuate the myth for so long it becomes a reality?

I'm glad I'm not one of the bloody ocker cult. It would shame me.

Anyway my little stonefish, TTFN.
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