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Default Re: FMB..Do Not Send P.Ms. Something To Say? Say It Here.


Only peeked in as guest, and scouted around reading certain posts of interest to me.
Spotted your debates, very interesting.
Need to ask: "what is it that you want"?

Sorry, let me rephrase. First of all, you are constantly angry. You look for debates, not for debating, but to get angry!! This is evident to most here. Let them not lie. Some wish to play up as buddy to you.

You come across as one of those that wants no law, no guidelines, no rules, no leaders, no nothing!! Do you ever read your own posts?

What is it that you want?

Of course one can give a general answer such as world peace, fairness, and such.

But you seem to think that you are on the right track, the right thinking, with your 'right people'. YOU are what the new world order wishes to have in our society. Someone with a big mouth, hot air----so that you will stand out.
Easy catch!

Listen, this CC is open to all opinions, comments. But your intelligence is wasted by your idiot big mouth.

I think you need something. Are you an alcoholic? I mean that seriously.

Because of so called freedom fighters like you, we are all going to hell in a hand basket.

Be a decent person, will you. Follow, at least, self censorship.

The NWO is going to do what they want. We are not in control. We need to make the best of things when it comes to certain agendas.

Though I do not agree with grotesques things like satanic sacrifices, child rape, bombings. wars, high prices, bad meds, all the things you (all of us) speak off. We need to discuss to learn and possibly change. Or just air-out our feelings/concerns in an adult manner.

It appears that your concerns are whether or not you have to follow simple basic rules.

When you post, you are only showing what skill you have. I agree, you are intelligent. But you have different views aside from what you pretend to fight for. You are petty, and want a paradise lifestyle. Sure!!!!!!!! In your dreams. It's time to be an adult. You are holding on to some false expectations. I see right through you.

Listen, life has to have a guideline with such a mass of people that we have in this world.

You and some others here do not fool most of us here. You guys are a bunch of self-centered, ignorant brats. You don't want to help the world be a better place. You just want to take and hide and screw everybody else.

Pretend to be concerned all you want about the NWO, but you are not fooling the majority of the people who visit CC.

PS: say/respond as you wish to me.
rant and rave, you're good at that.
we're all used to it.
we're tired of hearing the same tone, but again, CC is for everyone.
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