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Default Re: FMB..Do Not Send P.Ms. Something To Say? Say It Here.

I never asked you to send me a P.M.

Post so everyone can see.

You fell for nothing...except the rather large hole you dug.

Why send me a P.M?

As for LL. Mate, your views, as are everyone elses, your views. The fact that you cannot grasp where i'm coming from tells me one hav'nt read my posts.

The day i dont get angry when some one claims a Satanic cult is good, a pope who said NADA for 20 odd years while little boys and girls were molested is the day i pack it all in.

I love people who rant on about being polite. Hitler was renowned for his politeness and charm. Corporate executives live by it...the cool head, the rational.

As John Raulston Saul writes so well..."when it comes to the public good, politeness is for fools".

LL, i dont read any of your posts, you dont make any. Maybe you should post something profound for us, make your claim?
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