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Default Re: FMB..Do Not Send P.Ms. Something To Say? Say It Here.

latinlover wrote:

Listen, life has to have a guideline with such a mass of people that we have in this world.

PS: say/respond as you wish to me.
rant and rave, you're good at that.
we're all used to it.
we're tired of hearing the same tone, but again, CC is for everyone.
Yes..."with such a mass of people we need guidelines"...hmmmm, now where have I heard that before?

Perhaps we need more surveillence to keep those pesky peasants in line?

But as for you generally...instead of hiding in the dark P.M ing gossip about who has the nastiest about posting something interesting...if you have anything interesting to say. Other than psychotherapeutic advice.

As for drinking I rarely do...but with the majic of therapy we can reverse it and say..."you should have a drink".

If you need a guideline to live...perhaps an 'ism' then you're in trouble. I dont need a 'guideline' to tell me not to push little old ladies out of the way even if it is more efficient.

For some living is easy. Others need to be told what to the NWO keeps telling us. You seem to be wholeheartedly in agreement.

And please dont tell me you read my posts. You obviously dont. You just needed some therapy...perhaps your Father was a little over bearing when you were a child? Seriously, do you drink?
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