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Default Re: FMB..Do Not Send P.Ms. Something To Say? Say It Here.

Yeoshua wrote:

It would be very puerile for me to join in and start calling you POM or skippy or point out to everybody that gives a shit, that you're clayton's.

And before you say POM is a derogatory term for the English, it wasn't originally, it stands for Prisoner of Mother England. You Aussies got it mixed up though and started to call the English it. Perpetuate the myth for so long it becomes a reality?
Actually, POM stood for "Port Outer (something)". Where all the 'nice' people sat in the boat on the way over.

As for you not being puerile enough to throw insults...whats wrong? Insults beneath such a man of culture and in awe of the rational? Afraid of getting a little dirty? A little down with the peasants?

After all that, you did anyway.

You see FMB
,God came to me in a dream and commanded me to unsettle you as much as possible. To really get your goat. Because beneath all your fine words and 'man of the world' brotherhood actually hate people.

Actually, i'm not sure it was God...she was blonde...i think that was another dream...
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