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Default Re: VIDEO: Large Square Formation on Mars

UPDATE: Take another look at the Tap o' Noth hillfort in Aberdeenshire, Scotland ..

Imagine a construction site ..

A concrete truck has a little product left over and tips it onto the ground, where after it has set the rubbish truck will take it away.

It looks in every way like a giant mixer poured a batch of semi molten rocky material onto the Scottish hilltop, where after before it had set some super sized giant device imprinted the viscous matter to make the flat inner area!

The sharp outlines on the White Caterthun fort at left supports that hypothesis, while the incredible volume of molten material needed to make the triple battlements on the Arbory Hill construction at right, boggles the mind.

Whatever produced the miles long oblong feature on the Martian landscape, would seem able to make a similar impression in the same semi molten material!

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