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Default Re: EXPRESS YOURSELF: OK I will!

My Father was one of 15. Irish Catholic. The horrors they went through.

I judge the Pope and the Church by it's actions...or should I say inaction.

I hope all the institutions die. Let the message live in the hearts of individual human beings who may come together in solidarity.

Let Christs word speak in our day to day activities.

Let ALL large institutions die and grass roots organizations take hold.

The Church numbers are dying. I wonder why? Not because of something lacking in Christs word thats for sure.

I think to much emphasis has been placed on being sheep and turning the other cheek. Wise words for some situations but not for others.

Christ as reformer of a corrupt and withering system needs more press. Did'nt Christ say..."I dont bring peace, but a sword!" Also, Christ whipping the money changers from the temple is my favourite image from the N.T. Maybe it's time for a little more emphasis on acting on things instead of being passive little sheep.

Of course those same institutions living off tax exemption etc...will never challenge the current nest of vipers.

In which case may they wither and die. They no longer serve God and Gods people but are servents of...Lucifer? Of the State? Of power and privelidge?

It's time people removed their feeding tube.
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