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Default Re: There is NO Masonic Conspiracy...

I think you're putting your faith in something that you can't possibly know everything about. Take author and 25 year mason, Simon Gray, for instance. . . He says, "The truth is 99% of the mason will die without knowing what is really going on at the top."
It always fascinates me how freemasons adore their secrets yet cannot come to terms with the idea that some of these secrets may be being kept from them! Also, how can a mason say that the supreme being he mentions in the rite is god when JSM Ward, a 33rd degree mason writes in his book, The Higher Degree-

"A considerable amount of excision was necessitated by the alteration of the claims in the masonic constitution which changed masonry from a christian to a non christian basis. ANYTHING CHRISTIAN WAS ELIMATED. . ."

So if christianity was removed and elimated from masonry how can your supreme being be god?
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