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Originally Posted by Doghead View Post
VALIS is Philip K Dick's name for the broadcasting satellite Black Knight, discovered in 1959 and photographed in 1960, before any satellite of such size and performance could have been launched from earth. It relayed the messages from a distant star, and ultimately, from God.

UBIK is a name for the sentient force of enslavement, marketing and evil.

UBIK is the media. Simple as that. There is no good part of the media, anywhere. The internet is the battleground between UBIK and VALIS- and we can see this because the exact moment that any part of he internet goes from being a means of people speaking directly to a commercial site of any kind- UBIK takes over and the information is not just suspect, it is guaranteed contaminated.

Alex Jones- classic example.
GLP- classic example.
ATS- classic example.

God / VALIS wants direct contact with us. UBIK wants to drown the signal out in noise.
Could you please elaboarate further as to what UBIK is and why you believe it is the media; plain and simple and what VALIS is.

Thank you.
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