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truebeliever wrote:
Yes, disturbing.

As for things melting. I saw the 4 Corners reporter Liz Jackson ask a fighter during the initial invasion his experiences of the fighting for Baghdad. He stated...and i quote..."they did not use bullets or bombs, they melted people, they melted cars".

New weapons are always tested during small wars like this. God knows what they have.

To be perfectly honest, this is war. It has never NOT been like this. WW2 was far worse and on an unimaginable scale.

You can understand what the little crispy bodies of the boys and girls of Dresden looked like now I guess.

As for the weapons...who gives a shit. White Phosphorus or a 5.56mm round through your new born infants head...they are dead. It is a non event in the argument. It is a false argument. The argument is war itself. War, as always, fought for reasons of personal power over others for the benefit of a few...which can only take place because the stupid peasants follow along in line.

I remember laughing myself silly as 2 Pentagon Lawyers argued the legality of the new 5.56mm light weight rifle round with thin copper jacket. It tends to tumble and disintergrate more on impact a bit like a "dum dum" bullet. The producers then cut to a Vietnam vet in a wheelchair recounting cleaving the head off a V.C with a sharpened just what is it we're arguing about?
True point. Did you see the clip, soldiers and UK politician were interviewed and stated the war was not legal.
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