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Default Re: theological question: what are the other 'gods' that are talked about in the Bible?

San, this applies to you so I am copying it as my last word on the subject. For my part I am satisfied to say that you and I can agree to disagree.

This was written regarding another article but it applicable here.

One last effort to make my position clear and then I am leaving the subject of religion.

1. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE, that is up to you. I disregard Kaminski's rants on Christianity and Judaism - taking that which interests me and skipping the rest. He has his reasons for being anti-religion, you have your reasons for being pro-religion. FINE, both ways.

2. To understand what is written, whether it be an article that I post or the replies that others post, I try to understand where those who commit their thoughts to words are coming from, whether it be Kaminski or Freeman or TrueBeliever.

More than anything, I try to recognize the difference between the facts that they are offering as opposed to their opinions. The only basis for debate is of the facts, not opinions. I would have to know everything about a person and what contributed to his/her particular belief system. NO THANKS.

3. While I am irreligious, IT IS FINE WITH ME if you or the whole world is not. There are enough religions out there for everybody that wants one to have one. Be my guest.

DO NOT USE THOSE RELIGIONS which hinge on one's belief system to argue facts because it becomes a vicious cycle. I was not there when "God said...," so I don't know if that is what he said or not or even what he might have meant IF he said whatever - or who's god said it.

From having studied the Bible I have a fair knowledge of what is written and can talk with you concerning it, offering quotes for your consideration as a counterpoint in a discussion. Past that, forget it.

4. According to the writings of Albert Pike to his peer in Italy, Gusippe Macinni (sp?) they intend to "wear out" both religion and athiesm, no doubt through wars, so that they can establish their One World Religion which is Luciferian. (I will reject that one, too, if I am still around)

5. I BELIEVE that you cannot have a creation without a creator. I do not know if he/she/it has a name. If I ever knew it I have forgotten. Every religion has a name for this entity or force. Along with the name comes all the rhetoric and dogma that is attached. That is where I opt out.

6. When I open my eyes in the morning I am grateful for another day in which to maybe do some good or at least do no harm to any living thing. I am better at "a hand up" than "a hand out," although I have been known to do that on occasion, too.

I love the pursuit of knowledge and the open exchange of ideas. I detest petty bickering and "nit-picking." I do not "agitate" for anything, staying with a subject only as long as reason, logic and interest dictate.

My "cause," if you could call it that, is for the return and furtherance of individual rights and freedom - both of action, thought and expression. Anyone or group who sets about to curb or destroy those rights and that freedom are in my crosshairs, as you can see from my posts and comments.

Now, let's move on.
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