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Default Re: Why American Women Are Big?

Saturnino wrote:
Water has fluoride here in Brazil too but people are not so fat. Come on, the reason is that Americans eat too much ! The sizings of the food are twice as big as here, and there is so much fast food.
BTW, as eating out catches up here, obesity is also on the rise in Brazil, expecially with children, who like snacks and McDonalds. No conspiracy here, except the McD`s one.

Yes, I give you that... Americans DO eat too much. I started to notice more. (Because it really stands out) Whenever you go to a park, shopping, etc., you will see people munching. It's a pasttime. Like they are bored and need something to get occupied with. Children are getting heavier here. The yound girls, say around 10, 11 years old are very plump. I think the commercial ad for Checker's Hamburgers "Ya Gotta Eat!" was taken to mean to eat ALL THE TIME!! Yikes!!
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