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Default Re: What do you do to resist every day?

Originally Posted by reachless View Post
"Looks like they are having problems trying to find their way around, whatever
a self be".

The self does not appear to be anything they are faced with. They are just
prancing all around anyone; directly you is of no concern to them.
Going by my own experience of here be: they led me on a wild goose chase.
Endlessly bombarded me with ---> all about things being.
All the way to I'm a megalomaniac. Paranoid, schizo prior to near the end.
All of it has turned out to be ---> full of it. WHY ME!

As far as I know....I would have gone the ---> live and be way. Would have
met my death before the age of 6 and did and many times after as well.
How do I continue to be?: they have kept me going. How can they keep one
going in an outside world that is there in relation to one being and all around
is like you have been through it all without missing a day. Nevermind often.
Like very often throughout the days. Repeatedly.

Throw in my direct presence here is of no concern to them in actual.
What do they want?: has nothing to do with one in the outside world so far.

Has to do with ---> one being in the first place. They don't want you to be
able to be. They want to lord it over from ---> how it is that you are or you
wouldn't even be.

What's there and I be or I wouldn't even be appears to be in their
foreign control
all over I be.

What it comes down to is ---> consciously directly here in I be
is what they want to pull it over on. They have done that all of my life.
What is their problem?: they want to take directly here for a ride away from
I be me as I be. They say I have to create myself to be. No one does that.
They also say I can be here ---> in a out-of-it way. Nevermind why I don't
have to create myself to be that way or I won't be able to be here so.

Looks like the see-able world around is down to its' conscious level of
existence in itself. Everything else that goes into one being is in their
foreign control.

HOWEVER: one is not entirely consciousness only. They are having a problem
trying to over-ride the consciousness from within from all that goes into one
being. It's all in their foreign control. Is like they can't find their way through.
Coming in contact with one seems to be their weakness. They seem to be
smugly confident that one will not make a go of ones' self. Nevertheless
that is what one has to do. Right or wrong. Better or worse. Has no bearing
on oneself being in the first place AND in the face of their control over.
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