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Default Challenging human rights

Challenging Human rights

Hypothetically speaking can you live without your rights (bill of rights). What if you conducted a research to displace the rights of a human being and observed the consequences. What makes of a man without his rights, his freedom and liberty?

Is torture the result of this experiment and to what degree of torture?

How would you conduct such an experiment without exposing his displacements in front of society?
I picture a technological era where surveillance and national security could be at the heart of such research. The technology we possess in surveillance could provide a way to challenge these rights without affecting the society which revolves around a man which is a free and liberated society.
What good can come out of this torture and displacement?

I believe it’s good for capital punishment and national security, controlling people and society without affecting a normal working society. This technology could disciplines those out of place. This research sounds effective but it has its problems in a democratic society, or does it?

The problems which are faced include breaking the rights of a human being, which nonetheless is the purpose of this research. It might not even be a problem because it’s the constitution which makes the laws and possibly breaks them. The term for breaking the law is not corruption and it happens every day in society to a degree. Human rights are always being challenged to a degree and the consequences could be prosecutions and compensations. What if the constitution is breaking the law to conduct this hypothetical experiment or creating a contract to make it more civil in front of society. Civil is not democratic but a term I think of as a stage in devolution. Keeping the reimbursement civil is the only way of serving democracy after a violation of human rights on a subject.
Is it wrong if it’s civil and the person is being reimbursed?

If the constitution is involved and a contract or charter has been created then democracy should be served and the nation should be informed.
If this is so then what is the point of this research!
Why would we conduct this research in the first place?

I have already mentioned that its importance could be valuable for surveillance and national security but I also think it’s important in capital punishment especially with the rising number of convicts and criminals living in society.I think it’s possible to create a society based on this research, observing society and disciplining society. A new order would arise from this society which could become conventional. This technology could possibly alert people of its existence, as if the technology could read your mind and thoughts.
Has this research been conducted?

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