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Default Re: Storm Survivors Told to "Expose Themselves"

May I defend the underdog...i would'nt call that looting. They were shopping with permission.

The city is effectively uninhabitable, N.O residents have been traumatised. I'd be helping myself too. No one from Walmart will be collecting there goods any time soon.

As someone who has worked with people at their worst as a "bouncer" and Emergency Depatment Nurse, I will tell you that after 6 days of N.O I would be doing some shopping myself. "Excuse me, which way to the Plasma T.V section?"

As a side note...did you notice that really, it was the sick and elderly who have died. The "useless eaters". They cant work and they cant fight. But they die easily when chaos hits.

I saw that poor family made up of kids being picked up by the BBC in a boat. Their mother was filmed on the bed dead because she required oxygen. They were in shock. Terrible. They waited for help. When push comes to shove dont expect help. Start preparing now to look after yourself.
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