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Default Re: The Eye and the Pyramid

truebeliever wrote:
Are you from Oz? I'm presuming. Sydney? A Botany Wig perhaps?
Kinda showing your intellect here, look under my name it states UK. Funny how presumptions are made from a single word, Bondi always make people think of the beach.

A perfect example of stereotypical thought patterns which makes it so hard for people to change from fiction to fact if they have been fed it and believed it for a period of time.

truebeliever wrote:
You know, all insults aside. BONDI, if it walks, quacks, has feathers, waddles, DNA matches, lays eggs, flys south for the winter and tastes like duck when roasted...the chances of it being a duck is high.
Actually it's probably chicken.

But I get your point, the only problem is you need to know not just hear how it walks, how it quacks and whether it waddles or not first to be able to make the connection. Just because someone says something, doesn't make it so.

truebeliever wrote:
I am no expert of the Freemasonic movement but I have been studying Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, dream work and astrology for 13 years and know my metaphor and symbology.
Well if you study CJ I am quite surpirsed at your outlook, some of his personality theories I quite cool.

I am glad you have taken the time to study metaphor and symbology, cause you will know that one symbol can have multiple meanings, dependant on where it is used and how it is used.

The five pointed star is the perfect example, maybe you could explain this symbol? Just so I know you are not bluffing regarding your studying.

truebeliever wrote:
You are either a lier or so far down on the rung you have nothing to say.
I don't lie, but then you'll have to trust me on that.

Whats has a rung of the ladder got to do with anything.

How sloppy of an argument, from some who is not a Freemason, admits to being no expert, to turn round and act as if they know more and state I don't because I must be on a low rung.

By that argument you obviously haven'y got the foggiest cause you aint even on the first rung.

Try and make sense!

You obviously believe those who are not masons can know it all, but yet as soon as a mason argues the point you simple say you are not high up enough, I am sure your 13 years of study has equipped you with the ability to think better than that :-o

truebeliever wrote:
All the best regardless. Stick around. Sincerely.

I intend to hang around a bit, but why not take a break from chucking all that conspiracy mumbo jumbo at me and take the opportunity to discuss it.
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