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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

There will be no debate between myself and Phillip. I presented to him some information that I think he will be interested in and if he wants to know more he can go to the two websites of the experts - and .
Notwithstanding the fact that his IQ is probably twice mine and four times yours.
I probably won't come to this thread/topic for a while again other than to view a thank-you response he might send.
I am also, very shortly here, probably going to leave the entire clubconspiracy website for a good long period because I am exhausted with your non-serious, busybody nature. I don't need your harrassment in my life, I don't need to deal with a sycophant ( a servile self-seeking flatterer )
with Histrionic Personality Disorder
( )
So take some Paxil and not some popcorn and good riddance.
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