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Default Re: Anger

What a waste you guys. But anyway, this reminds me of a thread I once thought of starting on "How we deal with anger, the anger from being threatened by the NWO"

The one good thing that can come from verbal slanging matches, if any, is that competitive intensity forces posters to do research and think of arguments they might otherwise not do. If TB and Johnny were bar fighters this duel would have ended about 10% into what it did.

I'm not going to read every point you guys made, maybe you each mutually did, so you are in a way your biggest admirers. I would echo Hopeless in that Johnny's thoughts are welcome, no matter how lizardy or stoopid they may be, or not.

TB, I haven't even read Johnny's site. What I want to know, of relevance to me is what are the NLP subliminal stuff they are using on newscasts etc.

I will check out his site because he's got the right idea, has woken up, and should be congratulated on that basis. After all this site has a devil in every screen shot.
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