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Default Re: President Abraham Lincoln to the Bilderburg Group, the New World Order, and Illuminati

To the American people:

The events surrounding my assassination have been most savagely distorted through the lenses of history.

Some have wondered whether or not I was a part of this Masonic conspriacy during the 19th century. The answer, fellow citizens is a resounding 'no'.

I was elected to office to serve that American people. As God as my witness, I have served to the best of my ability. I shall not hold such pomp as to claim that I have done all perfectly. Albeit, as far a man's ability enables him to serve have I served.

I stand proud to continue to serve my beloved homeland and country of the Union of the States of America.

As president, I have had to walk a fine line. During my days, the Illuminati travesty was as active as you see it today before your eyes. In truth, I was never for it. Yet such governmental intrigues much be dealt with according to wise politic.

I am proud to serve as your President to this day. It is appalling to me that those who orchestrated my murder have erected such an abomination in my name as is the Lincoln Memorial. I glory not in it, nor shall I receive such empty acelades of Freemasonry.

Moreover, my fellow citizens, brethren of a common cause, now is the time for all good men to rise to the defense of their country!
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