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Default Re: If Peak Oil is a myth, why is the US even dealing with the Saudis?

Infinite is the wrong word to use, for sure. The idea he is sharing, which I believe is correct, is that the oil fields are being fed continuously by a source in the earth's mantle. The reason production rates of many wells are falling and many wells now require the injection of water to maintain sufficient pressure for pumping, is that the rate of pumping has been greater than the rate of replenishment. A pump rate at or below the rate of replenishment could be maintained indefinitely.

Whatever creates oil in the mantle is not infinite; however, there may be enough of it available to provide all the oil we want for millions of years.

truebeliever reported that vast oil reserves have been discovered in Australia, but the NWO has capped them until they have achieved many of their other goals. He also shared that exploration in Africa has barely scratched the surface.

Vialls claims that Russia has already drilled hundreds of ultra-deep wells, some over 40,000 feet deep. There are perhaps hundreds of thousands of locations around the world where this type of drilling would be successful.

There is no shortage of oil other than the one artificially created by the NWO.
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