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Default Osama Resigns from CIA

The day before Augustine erupted, I kept hearing that Jimmy Buffet volcano song in my head. Over the last few days, I've kept hearing the song "I'm a fool to do your dirty work" on the radio a lot. Bin Laden, for whatever reason, is no longer taking orders from the Bush CIA and will no longer be carrying out acts of terrorism on the orders of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. I guess Bush will have to find a new lackey.

Check out the inverted pic of Osama on Drudge, if you haven't already.

From my Tarot book:

According to tradition the twelfth Trump, the Hanged Man, is Judas Iscariot, suspended by his ankle from an elder tree, thirty pieces of silver cascading from his moneybag. This supposition is strengthened by the fact that in fifteenth-century Italy, political traitors were depicted thus, hanging upside down. Judas was an especially significant figure to the ancient Gnostics. The Hanged Man represents one who has undergone a great reversal, who has renounced his allegience to the normal world and thus the falling coins signify nonattachment to earthly wealth. It is the emblem of mystical self-sacrifice and represents the total inversion of worldly values, the ordeal of initiation. This card, equating with the Water of the Wise, is one of the four elemental Trumps, and represents the misty river-waters between the worlds, through which the initiate must pass. The number Twelve here stands for the "Dodecameron" or "Twelve Nights," that liminal midwinter period, in between time past and time to be, when the world is turned mystically "upside-down" and all boundaries dissolve.

-The Nigel Jackson Tarot

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