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Default Re: Muhammed or Jesus?

peace A.

what is "repent" ?
what is "redemtion" ?

nobody could ever abide by the "laws".

The fact is, the laws dont apply to us anymore.
Thats what the Cross was wipe away all sins so we could be with Him.

There is no "sin". Thats the Gosiple.

And If you do walk with God..then your on a personal relationship..and I think it would be impossible to sin unless you turn away from him.

Take a look at some civs that dont even know about the Bible..much less have ever seen a TV. Are they subject to damnation because unfortunatly there is no Bible around ? Does God punish them ? Are they damned ? Do they believe in "sin" ? I doubt that..I think the Holy Spirit is everywere..

one last point..Could God make a rock so large that He himself cannot lift it ? hehe

no really..Is God limetless..or are there Things that He CANNOT do ? think about it..then post


\"People like us, who believe in physics,
know that the distinction between
the past, the present, and the future,
is only a stubbornly persistent illution\" A.A.
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