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Not surprised! The inscroootable Chinese and the unscrewed Russians have been comparing notes for years, right down to which US city gets the first nuke-in-a-suitcase.

Also, Europe has had spies around China, especially the SAR, to scope out the contingent dangers to the US and others. Artisan, or Courtesan? When is the iron hot???

No wonder our leaders want the NWO: if things go as they are, we'll soon get the snot kicked out of us like a schoolyard bully.
China is a COMPLETE (i used capitals so you must believe me) construct of Europe and the U.S. The U.S Elite cant be too worried seeing as they contribute most of the 50 billion a month from the West that gets poured in their.

China is like Russia...financed by the West. Mao was put in by the CIA when ALL money and arms were pulled from Chang Kia Shek (Nationalist Christian) when he had Mao on the run.

Both Mao and Shek attended the same Communist school in France. Shek found God and got run out of China and into Tiawan.

DO NOT under ANY circumstances find China a threat...war is just their to make you scared and centralise power.

NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can take on the U.S in conventional warfare. Sometimes you Yanks are like Israel...always thinking someones out to get ya.... :-)

As Abe Lincoln said..."the danger can ONLY come from within our borders."

You currently have a Bolshevick 5th columnist group called the neo cons busy as bee's attempting to white ant you right now. If Bush was a true nationalist fascist he'd close the borders right now and reinvigorate the local economy. He does not...he's not a fascists arsehole. :-)
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