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Default Re: New Orleans and HAARP


Here is how I understand HAARP. Not from the purely abstract and scientific paper point of view, but as a concrete reality.

Take the hydrogen bomb. I beleive a 30kg sphere of plutonium...when simply compressed...will tear apart the time space continuum and yeild the equivalent of one million tons of TNT. Go to your local gym and pick up a 30kg try and explain the energy yeilded?

Now I can understand explosives easily. The nitrogen base of explosives yeilds energy because you are oxidising, rapidly, the MANY O2 atoms contained in the nitrogen molecule. Oxygen is highly explosive. You can grasp why it works in proportion to it's physical size. But how do you explain a 30kg sphere of "metal" yeilding such ENORMOUS amounts of energy.

When you smash apart atoms you yeild a break in the time space continuum and the zero point energy gigantic proportions to the matter utilized. The Plutonium is a is NOT the final source of the power.

So it is I believe with HAARP. Man is "tapping into" an energy field using the HAARP and directing it. The HAARP itself is NOT the final energy source. It is the key to the door.

This is the way I see it and grasp it when I close my eyes and let my imagination take over. It feels like fact to me. I make these claims from myself and not from any book.
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