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Default Re: Thanx Henry! U R making the future brighter

marypopinz having read mostly Jewish magazines,

books etc most of my life I can assure you that

Jews in the main are just as brainwashed as

everybody else maybe more so ... I have been

going back to old rabbi tapes and I can not

believe the lies these rabbis were telling ...

it is now so very clear that Israel is just

a pawn for the NWO on their road to complete

world domination ... the likes of Einstein

brainwash not only the "gentiles" but make victims

of the Jews because they strive to model him

... I used to be prideful of the fact that

us Jews make up so many of the top doctors and run

so many of the "best" hospitals in the world ...

having read about the likes of Morris Fishbein

and understanding how the cancer business and the

vaccine business REALLY work has made me totally

disllusioned by the Jewish participation and

their leadership of exchanging death and pain

for profit ... the whole idea of the Jews

returning or rather being kicked back to

their "homeland" is making more and more sense.

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