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Default Re: Footage of Whats Going On In New Orleans

Quote: have any ideal how frightening and surreal it is to live here in the U. S. and go through this?
No. Cant say I do.

I get around alot. I like to hear peoples views (stop laughing!) and will engage strangers in conversation on issues.

I will tell you...from street kid to man in one in Perth, West Oz could beleive that half wit was voted in. Or at least %30 of Americans did anyway. Mostly from Texas...but thats understandable.

So it all began 5 years ago. History will be harsh on this little episode.

The idiocy of this man merely confirms for me that he is part of a much wider plan to foment the break up of the U.S into civil war and allow a great deal of leverage of the supposed Left to instigate a "socialist" style Police State.

It is specifically socialist as the economic structure has NOTHING to do with Facism. Facism is the "efficient" to and fro between the State and Private enterprise which flows on to an efficient to and fro between Private Enterprize and the citizen.

It is marked by order. Not chaos and corruption.

The U.S has NEVER fitted this structure.

The U.S is SPECIFICALLY a Trotskyite/Leninist/Stalinist Empire builder.

In other times it was known as simple power mad and corrupt arseholes in power. Also known as Organised Crime.

Hell, even Hitler locked up the crims and looked after his people.

I think we should stop using the word "Fascism" when describing the current ideology permiating the U.S.
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