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Default Re: Fee Fi Fo Fum... I smell me some shitty bum

"A big dog, the full size of the screen, laying on his back with his penis laying everywhere. This scene made no sense to the plot. It was someone's sicko idea of something."

Still looking for the Zebra!!!

And, no, Mary, I don't think you're imagining things. Very sicko agenda directed toward OUR children.

If it makes us as adults feel uncomfortable, imagine how vulgarity, violence, sexual scenes, etc. are conditioning our children to the other side of the spectrum.

We know it's wrong. Very wrong. But, we are trapped.

What do we say to our children? There are some sick people who control Hollywood, and other aspects of our society such as the music industry, well just about everything, and, you must not let any of this affect you?

Even if we tell them it's wrong, they are still exposed to it. And, exposure, over time, to various stimuli, images, etc. can desensitize a person to that which they are being subjected.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

As children, they think much of what they are exposed to is okay. Most times, they can't verbalize to US if they feel something is wrong. If they do, it's too late. We can't erase it from their memory.

The damage has already been done.

A child's personality is developed by the age of five, or so they say.

However, what they are exposed to over and over again even after the age of five, becomes a part of who they are.
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