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Default Re: Here is Islam the Religion of Peace

Yes we are idiots, but this is our job and if we who are so far from you are idiot then what form of base, mind of youth do you have. The plain answer is that our words are not intended for you. To whom we have been sent, our words will resonate. Our time here is indeed short and we will tell you that your time will still be long. You and your kind will think of today as time in Paradise with what comes upon you. All the events of the Bible will play out before you not at our bidding, but at your own. The strong delusion is already upon your society and all the religions of this earth are promoting the rapid dissolution of your world. The word contrary to your minute opinion is for the few not the many. A few useful, intelligent children are better than many arrogant, unintelligent, self-centered monsters. We are idiots , but you are monsters who devourer your own nest. Your predictions of the future are mute, watch your world each day, each hour. each minute, each second as you destroy it. You have been given one world and one time in which to live upon it by your own ways and devices, You will never have this again. We idiots now leave you because we have other flocks to feed and our time is short. Your time is much longerr.
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