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sablefish wrote:
I figure the War on Islam.. is the war against a religion that forbids the NWO their source of power.. SNIP

I am convinced the main reason that the NWO is having a war against Islam is because of their resistance to usury. There will never be peace in this world until the gold standard is reinstated and fractional banking practices cease
Hi Sablefish -

I agree. Gold is also open to market manipulation and the historical record shows that those who cornered the gold markets became the founders of the paper/fiat money (receipt money) systems which has its current expression in the forms of Central Banks, the 2 main ones being the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve.

A book I would recommend anyone to read on this matter is "The Lost Science of Money" by Stephen Zarlenga ( Zarlenga is in fact against gold as the basis of money and his arguments, backed up with comprehensive data, hold water. Gold is manipulable (as he shows) but much less so than Fiat money.

The History of Western Money systems is the history of rank ambition, greed and corruption, whether the money was gold, gold backed or not. But in my view, gold still offers humanity more protection against theft than does the fiat system we have to endure.

The main challenge is to create a De-Centralised money system, owned by all the people that use it ie PEOPLE'S MONEY. In the US Norfed ( are taking this route, though growth is painfully slow at this time.

The Islamic rules on usury are accurate. The move towards the gold Islamic Dinar is good for all humanity in that it highlights that you can have more than 1 type of money. Most people do not know ANYTHING about the money system that so enslaves them. Only that they want more money.

I believe that a key activity for all those that support INDIVIDUALISM (as opposed to the NWO COLLECTIVIST slavestate) is the building up of trade between us using OUR money, PEOPLE'S MONEY. Using Gold as part of that process, whether in a transitional role or permanently, is an excellent place to start.

\"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.\" - Buckminster Fuller.
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