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Default Re: Loose Change was setup to be debunked!

Great Powers of DISCERNMENT

Good Discernment there Madthumbs, I've always suspected that video was phony, It was'nt even interesting to watch. Now let me say this, I discern things this way, first if it comes from LEFT FIELD, then you know for sure its PHONY, if it comes from RIGHT FIELD you have to know the PLAYUZZ who are behind it, (ZIONIST). Alot of stuff on this site comes from LEFT FIELD, and I take it with a grain of salt, G.Bush this and G.Bush that, utter nonsense.
I trust Eric with alot of his material, he's one of the only INVESTIGATORS to even mention the Corporation Mitre, who most never even heard of. I wrote a post about that corporation some time ago here, and I stand by words that IT AND IT ALONE was capable of pulling off the 911 monstrosity, look at the people who run that mammoth agency period, also check this site out.
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