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BlueAngel wrote:
redrat11 wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
Me thinks it is you who is confused.

Who do you think comprises a large percentage of the Illuminati?

Maybe you should go to Makow's site and read some articles that he has written regarding Zionism.

In Peace,
BA, I've read almost every article he's written, I'm aware of his ZIONISM articles, my point is that he seems to blame the ILLUMINATI, Tell me and everyone reading this post just who is the ILLUMINATI?,Is it Skull and Bones, CFR, Bilderberger, ect. There seems to be alot of confusion on your part. It's Zionisim, of which a very tiny percentage of the world's humanity belong to that rule the Earth currently, I know it's hard to believe but the evidence is their, just LOOK for it.
I asked you in my last comment, "who do you think makes up a large percentage of the Illuminati?"

When you answer that question, you will have YOUR answer.

>>>Maybe you should read the thread I posted with the title "Illuminati."<<<

What is hard to believe?

>>>Obviously, you haven't read any of my threads.<<< If you had, I doubt that you would think it was hard for me to believe that Zionism is part of the ruling class.

>>>There isn't any confusion on my part.<<<

In Peace,
Oh, Ok, now I understand your logic, you feel that the Illuminati, and it's vast conspiratorial network of subversives along with ZIONISM are all part of the "Big Picture." this is true, I guess I just FOCUS more than most people on the ZIONISM part of the World Conspiracy. I also agree that a huge number of organizations outside of just ZIONISM are destroying humanity, but really when I think about it more, it really is GOD'S adversary Satan that controls these peoples minds and souls. This Demonic force is REAL!

P.S. And yes, I've read all your post's, I enjoy them. :-)
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