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Default Re: Who is the most powerful secret society??

Originally Posted by caspar2012 View Post
Hey guys,

Just throwing this one out there. I've been reading a bit recently about the different groups and societies and wandered which one the most powerful out there? One of them must have more power or sway than the others?

My list is just the start but is not in order and just wandered what others thought.

The Freemasons

The Illuminati

The Weavers

Skull and Bones

The Bildeburg

What do you think?

The answer is quite simple really, those behind Washington DC, the Super Power of the World.

They express this in two ways,

1. The beast on Capital Hill.
As the story goes in the Bible, Satan on the "hill" represents the Super Power of the World, hence the power to GIVE the kingdoms of the world to "Jesus", should he bow to the beast.

2. The Eye (Eye of Providence) in the capstone, above (power over) the pyramid (world), Novus Ordo Seclorum (order of the ages, for the world).

The powers behind DC dosent mean they live in DC, or in this country for that matter.
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