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Default Re: Is the word porno really that bad?

"I seriously doubt most people who know about mind control and the traumatization that the victims experienced and, even those who don't, but read my thread, would argue that what I write about my victimization is in the hopes of giving another member a chubby so that they PM me."

Oh so you doubt that sicko people who are into incest don't read incest stories, or join incest survivor groups so that they can get off on the stories of victims. Don't be naive. Oh wait you know this? well then how do you know Bruce isn't tracking you and reading all your posts loving every torrid detail of it, sitting behind his computer on tour remembering the good o'l days? You can't rule that out can you? Can't rule out that Cathy O'Brien's book was picked up by Hilary and she got off on reading out how she was forced to muff dive on her. Just like a serial killer who takes a trophy to relive his kills, everytime you make a post there is the possibility that one of your handlers is using it to get his jollies off. So by many definitions, you are a smut peddler.
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