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Default Re: There are No Cases of Human Bird Flu

The GLOBAL toll for human bird flu now stands at about 100 cases, with 60 deaths. In other words, more people have died from being hit by phone books dropping out of 10th-story windows. To infer a global pandemic from these stats should earn any scientist a quick trip to a job washing dishes at Burger King.
Good point. Makes me suspicious, especially in light of the Masonic/Illuminati efforts to hype this coming epidemic. After all, lying is what they do best.

Beyond even these considerations, there is the background premise that animal germs can and do mutate to allow them to infect and kill humans. This is a shaky piece of science, and it can only be confirmed or denied by actually investigating every single presumptive human case in great depth. We have no evidence that this has been done. Then, on top of that, proof would have to be offered that the germ in question really did mutate from animal hosts.
I am close to formulating an hypothesis that none of these alleged viral epidemics (including and especially AIDS) are what they seem. More likely they are closer to what Alex Jones describes, genetically-targeted toxins mutated from the core viral agents themselves.
For instance, it has been pretty well established that the HIV virus is nothing but a tracer bug, like the Plutoxin-7 injected into the movie character Snake Pliskin in order to get him to do the government's bidding in the film Escape From LA. At least one Nobel Prize winner confirms this.
So what is AIDS? Before his death, Dr. Jonas Salk actually alleged in public that it was related to the African Green Monkey Virus, and that AIDS had somehow mutated from animal to human hosts. Salk even theorized that anal, bestial sex between African natives and primates was the vehicle of transmission. I believe this was because he could not imagine the even more incredible real life scenario -- a biological warfare program that would isolate the virus and turn it into a deadly toxin that could be spread between humans via intimate personal contact, i. e., transfer of vital body fluids such as blood or semen.
The important distinction to be noted here is that one does not have a mutant virus occurring naturally in the environment and threatening a worldwide pandemic, but actually a far more controlled result. AIDS obviously targets certain individuals and groups, specifically those whose immune systems are already weakened, including drug addicts, starving third world inhabitants and homosexuals who engage in unhealthy practices such as anal sex. I believe that it is even possible that these designer toxins could be refined via genetic engineering to target specific ethnic or racial groups.
The evil elites are NEVER going to run the risk of an actual viral or bacteriological epidemic that would be so unpredictable as to even threaten their own sacerdotal bloodlines. So I think what we will be looking for is another deadly toxin that mimics a viral epidemic and probably targets specific groups -- hence TB's observation that the heart of the avian flu epidemic would seem to be directed at tbe overpopulated Asian world.
It's all about eliminating more "useless eaters".
\"...if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us. George H. W. Bush, Sr., 1992.
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