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Wink The Zionist State Needs Immigrants to Survive

The Zionist State Needs Immigrants to Survive

Since the initial plans to create their own state Zionists have recognized that immigration to their “country” is essential. They also recognize that immigration increases when anti-Semitism increases in other countries. Zionists use the guise of religion and the threat of anti-Semitism to seduce Jews who have not been educated to the difference between Zionism and true Judaism to leave their homeland, their loved ones and their livelihood to move to “ Israel ” on the pretext of offering peace and prosperity.

Zionist agents are working behind the scenes in many ways to promote immigration…not to protect the welfare of the Jewish people but the welfare of the Zionist state.

Read our new website article “Immigration is the Lifeblood of the Zionist State ” Immigration is the Lifeblood of the Zionist State which discusses the Zionist involvement in the recently announced restrictions on Jewish immigrants to Germany and addresses the increase in terrorist attacks and unemployment in the so-called state of “ Israel ”.

Besides the words of the Holy Torah, our Rabbis and Sages, which teach Jews not to leave their country of exile until the Heavenly redemption, you should also read this article on immigration to the Zionist state.


Jews Against Zionism

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