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Default Re: Repent, Pat Robertson or Face Judgement!

Originally Posted by undaunted View Post
YOUR A LOOSE CANNON,and for the record I never mentioned the last days nor am I depressed,it is typical of people like YOU yo make an assumption of someone based on a signature.My signature has nothing to do with depression but it does pertain to strength in the things we go through....something you seem to know absolutely nothing about.Yeah,good for you,your a "moderator"gimme a freakin break that title doesn't mean jack shit.Quite riding like napoleon bonaparte,step off your war horse.You are quick to judge someone as depressed but I have not seen you mention ONE positive thing.Blue Demon should be your new handle.
Unfortunately, for you, I am not a LOOSE CANNON and my name should not be Blue Demon because there is absolutely nothing evil about me.

I was FORCED to suffer at the hands of the mind controllers who abused me when I was a minor and, yet, I don't consider that to live my life is to suffer and neither should you or anyone else if they are not experiencing debilitating pain due to a disease or some other physical, mental and/or psychological problem that does not allow them to live free of pain.

Always, and I mean, always, LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE.

To live is not to suffer.

Count your blessings.

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