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Default this is the real truth of armageddon

armageddon meens final war between good and evil. its not going to start from iran or israel or the united states.. its going to happen from deception.
between three countrys. that involve the united states and russia. regarding a nuke threat from a unknown person and place. tey wil group and multiply in numbers from all teaches of theeast and cross the gazza strip into israel and storm it in a take over. from land from air from sea.. taking controll of israels nukes. from there the united states will be threatend. from occupied israel iran and the east. russia at this time can do nuthing. america readys all nukes on land by sea by air globaly.. and what is going to start armageddon will be who ever it is that fires the first nuke.. at this time its not known who. but it will be only a matter of a few weeks till we will know. thus... the destruction of jewusalem and end of the world. a nuke will come from mkorea. and hit south korea. then a non nuke air raid will totaly wipe out north korea.. and in retalleration. honalulu hiwae will be nuked. by iran. then china. by occupied israels long range nukes. still not wanting to use nukes russia te usa egypt india and china will war near the place calld megeddo. tel meggeddo. two thirds of huan life on earth will be lost.. and not only bamerica.. all nations fall into a deoression. and that place of the final war will cause a plague from all the death and decay.. which will wipe out most of the east and europe. those that lived will die of staration. and plague.. the end

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