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Default Re: An interesting perspective & insight on the Large Hadron Coll

Oh, and one more thing, what passes off for 'scientific' knowledge today is all fake. Indeed, it is. Why? Because it is all seem from the wrong perspective. The pseudo-science of today is probably the most powerful weapon of Illuminati occult activity. It is in fact, negative science, devoid science, empty science, science without rhyme or reason, always and ever subjected to interpretations by so called authorities who hold Illuministic WORLDVIEWS.

For example, if one began with a presupposition that Apes evolved from Humans, all one would have to do is subject the raw data to his own preconceived notions and desires concerning the sort of worldview he wanted to formulate and if one controlled all of the channels and resources for 'scientific' discovery he could release such to the world and the world would practically be 'obligated' to 'believe' it, because it already put its 'faith' in such science and 'rejected' the alternative world view.

But you know Hell wasn't built in a day. This has taken continents full of propaganda manipulation and what not to achieve.
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