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Default Re: Has studying the NWO brought you closer to God?

I don't know if studying NWO issues in itself has brought me closer to God. It may just be that in realizing that there is an underlying evil that controls world events via the Illuminati and others, I now know that I need to try to stay closer to God in order to deal with the knowledge of it, and the ramifications of it.

Don't know if anyone else sometimes feels this way, but I sometimes envy those who, in their blissful ignorance, refuse to believe in the NWO agenda. But there's no going back now...

The question was asked: Does anyone go to a church that addresses the NWO at all?
The church I attend doesn't address NWO issues, and I do wish that it somehow could or would, but not at the expense of diminishing the the reverent attitude of worship. I'm probably not explaining this very well, but even if a little time were devoted to the discussion of NWO issues during Sunday service, it would probably have to be kept to a minimum so that we could remember to 'seek first the kingdom of God.' Hope that makes some sense.
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