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Default Re: Video - "Waco: The Big Lie". 19meg WMV File


I just watched 'Waco - The Big Lie', and it is definitely better and infinitely superior to 'Waco - Rules Of Engagement' (and is a lot shorter, too).

I think "Rules Of Engagement" was a VERY well done peice of propaganda that gave credence to claims Koresh was kiddie fiddling and sorta made the FBI and ATF look like idiots but not the mass murder'ers they were and ARE.

I have to disagree a little with this, though. After seeing it, I felt it had definitely exposed the ATF as the 'bad guys' in the whole thing. I don't think it set out to out them as idiots, rather note that they were the instigators of the whole horror, not the reverse as was the official line.
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