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Default Re: A rumination for the conspiracy-minded . . .

Well, yeah, so you get to offer the possibility without the process of actual research and verification of the data. Sounds like you're fishing for someone who can verify the details, don't it?

OK, here goes . . . I had a convo with someone a while back who seems to think that adult book stores are prime targets for behavioral science research and application, and not just by civilians, either. That phrase, "Come back to reality" is an actual embed, for example on the CD "Bellilicious" with Arabic music, the voice is on the first track and is hidden in the bass synthesizer; it sounds like a growling noise.
The programming at the book stores are related to guilt and psychological castration techniques. Intended to discourage sex with under-age kids, (under 18 in my state).
So, it's not all imaginary, so let's keep the ball rolling. :-)
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