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Default Re: Conspiracy to label truthseekers as CRACKPOTS, Loony or Nutz


A "Conspiracy" to label "Conspiracy Theorists" as crackpots and loonies!!

Hasn't this always been their MO?

Oppose their official report on ANYTHING, provide alternate theories, accuse them of LYING, covering their tracks, conspiring, killing JFK, etc., etc., etc. and you are a CRACKPOT!!

GAWD forbid if you PROPOSE that the "rogue" CIA is a force behind it all, you are.........



Cause, afterall, the CIA provided intelligence to an element of the "rogue" CIA regarding an "imminent threat of danger" of a terrrorist attack on American soil and those OPERATIVES chose to ignore it!!

However, when there wasn't any GOOD intelligence to support invading IRAQ, the "rogue" CIA used false intelligence and fed the American people and the World LIES!!!


Because they are LIARS??

President Clinton said to Senator Clinton during an interview when she claimed that there was a Vast_Right_Wing_Conspiracy against him that it wasn't a conspiracy, Hillary!! A conspiracy is something that is HIDDEN and this OPERATION is in plain sight.
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